Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Pay Less And Save More On Your Electricity Bill

Did you ever wonder why you’re always paying a huge electricity bill every month? We all do our best in minimizing or saving many things in our home like the use of electricity, water and many others and yet, we’re still paying the same bill every month and sometimes, even more. If we only know a very good electricity provider that offers very low electricity rate, for sure we’ll be very happy that in some ways, we’ll manage to save even just a little bit.

I don’t know exactly how many texas electricity companies are available in Texas but I found this morning while I am having my breakfast and this establishment is very interesting. They could help all the Texans connect, switch and transfer to another energy provider. And this Ambit energy rates are very interesting because their kilowatt per hour cost 10.99 cents only. In that case, that would simply mean that residents can save up to 28.6% on their electricity. Not bad right? To switch to Ambit energy or to become a customer of this company is easy. You’ll just have to fill-up the online form provided at and they’ll take care of the rest. When switching to this company, you don’t only save a lot of money but it’s hassle-free as well for you being a customer. There’s no cost to switch, no deposit with approved credit, no change in your lines and meter readers and the great news is that you’ll receive a free gift from them. It”s not just an ordinary gift ha because this gift is a travel voucher that allows you to enjoy 2-3 nights stay at a 3 star hotel at one of 25 exciting destinations across the country. What a fabulous gift!

Anyway, to have more infos about Ambit energy and how to have a huge savings on your Texas electricity bill, visit for more infos.

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