Sunday, 13 January 2008

Which Sex and the City Vixen Am I?

You Are Most Like Charlotte!

You are the ultimate romantic idealist

You've been hurt before, but that hasn't caused you to give up on love.

If anything, your resolve to fall in love is stronger than ever.

And it's this feminine optimism that men find most appealing about you.

Romantic prediction: That guy you are seeing (or crushing on)?

Could be very serious - if you play your cards right!

I haven't watch this tv serie yet. I hear something about this show from my friend when I was still in Manila but I never had the chance to watch it nor any of the tv programs because we don't have a tv in our boarding house. I mean there is of course but the tv is inside our landlady's room. Regarding this quiz, I have many fantasies about romance and being romantic to your partner. I keep it for myself but I guess all of us has his or her own fantasies with the partner we dream to have right?

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Ylan said...

gatan-aw ko ani karon lately, i bought season 1-7, .. ni take ko sa test, im like charlotte too! :)