Thursday, 10 January 2008


I am losing my apetite with my belly dancing class especially this evening. My teacher is very nice and kind but I don't like it when she's correcting me all the time telling me that what I'm doing is not the correct one or something. I mean of course I am very thankful that she corrected me but if it is more than 1 time, I find it too much. I have my pride and I don't really like it when somebody does that to me. I don't know why. We had our new routine again tonight but we didn't managed to finish it because all of us were lost with the moves and with the music. I am happy because I gain more friends now and I am able to interact with the other girls there at the debutant level and advance level. They're all nice. I'll have my second class for this week on saturday as I was absent yesterday from the class. January 27 will be our training for the beginner's level. My teacher will be selling hip scarves next week that she got from Egypt and I'm excited to have them. I've been surfing the different websites and I couldn't find the hip scarves that she's using. This hip scarves are only from Egypt and she has her own stylist that does it. Oufff! Another expenses once again

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