Thursday, 24 January 2008

Shopaholic ME!

One of my new year's resolution is to control myself in shopping online. This resolution is very difficult for me especially for an addict like me. For the moment, we're having our winter sale here and I didn't purchase anything yet still at Bordeaux Centre because I'm waiting for my salary. Some said that this winter sale will be until the end of the month only while other said that it will be until the first week of next week. I tracked all the expenses I have for this month and so far, it's over on my budget. When I see something that I like very much, I couldn't help myself to let this product go without purchasing it especially if I know that I save a lot as the price is lower instead of paying the original price. I've been dreaming of having a skirt like this but unfortunately, my size is not available. So when I saw this Morgan skirt and seeing that the price is really low, I ordered it without any hesitation. I paid 15 euros only instead of paying 45 euros. Not bad huh? Perfect with boots and a black stockings for winter.

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