Friday, 11 January 2008


Thanks God it's friday once again. I am very glad that tomorrow will be saturday. I am very happy when weekend is coming because that would mean that I'll be waking up late once again. Oppps pardon! Not I but we I mean because that includes my husband lolz. I'll have my belly dancing class tomorrow morning and hubby will pick me up there after. Of course, usual routines will never be forgotten like groceries at the supermarket and Picard. I'm craving to eat chinese foods once again but I'm trying to control this kind of cravings because it's expensive to buy the chinese or the asian foods and groceries at Eurasie. Hubby and I promised that we're not going to spend that much and we really have to stick on our budget. The bad thing is that I spent 200+€ for 2 hours only this afternoon. I hope hubby won't be surprised about it when he sees our card :-p

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Analyse said...

lol and where did you spend the 200€? soldes na!