Friday, 25 January 2008

The Best Husband For Me In This World

My Prince Charming

I guess it is really true that true love is very difficult to find especially when you’re looking for it. People have said that we don’t really have to look for it because it will come at the right place, at the right time and with the right person. I agree with that. I had several breakups and heartaches in the past and it was really painful especially when you are inlove with someone. It was painful but I’ve learned many lessons from it. After the last breakup I had, I enjoyed my single life with my friends and even discovered more of myself. I don’t have any regret with my life at all and besides, I would definitely say that I’ve learned many things from it.

Now, I am happily married to my french prince charming. For me, the man I’m with right now is the best husband in this world. He is thoughtful, very romantic, loving, understanding, kind, generous, passionate, optimistic, strong, supportive, helpful, caring and very expressive. Isn’t it obvious that I’m inlove? I have fears in life but this guy has thought me many things really. The relationship we had since 2003 until now has not changed at all. If there are any changes, that is we become more and more romantic each day and we are inlove with eachother every single day. Hubby loves to surprise me many things but the traits I love him the post is when he gives my spirit a lift when I really feel down. His hugs, kisses and cuddles make me feel better when I don’t feel good at all. Hubby is the same person still. He continues to open the door of the car for me, he always offers to throw our trash especially when he sees me very busy, we always hold hands together, we surprise eachother all the time, we never forget to appreciate the life and the relationship we have. We never forget to say “I love you”. These simple gestures are really important in any relationship. In my part, I’m going to really say that Love is indeed beautiful.

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