Tuesday, 22 January 2008

Another New Set of Hip Scarves

These are the newest hip scarves I have right now. I've been waiting for it since last month until our belly dance instructor will be spending her vacation in Egypt. Finally, when she told us after the class that hip scarves are now available, I was the first one to open her suitcase and grabbed the different hip scarves that I like. As there are many students everyday and we were the first one to have these opportunity to find the best ones, she told us that each student is allowed to buy 2 hip scarves only. I was making a negotiation and told her that I am very much interested to buy 3 foulards and if she could give me even at least 5% discount but unfortunately, she said NO. I have 2 choose 2 foulards only! But anyway, not bad. The red one I have is long and many love it because the design is cute and lovely. It's quite pricey compared to the rose pink I have. I'm very excited to use them tomorrow but I am hoping that I won't be late at the class. I bought a very soft black pants as well to go with the red hip scarf and a blouse.

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