Sunday, 6 January 2008

2008, A Good Year For Her?

Because of my eagerness, I decided to surf this video at youtube to listen how it is and to see this new video of Britney Spears. This new song is not bad atll. At the Elle Magazine I read, it says that this song or music must bring her a good luck for the year 2008 after struggling the difficult and hard times she had for the year 2007. I hope yes. I mean, too bad because she was really famous and many teens idolize her before she got married but things changed when she got married and her life became miserable, she had a divorce and things didn't work out very well with her. May she'll prioritize the important things to her and may she'll realize that she has to stand up and keep her butt moving and to get back all the things that really belongs to her. Bonne chance Britney!

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