Friday, 4 January 2008

Are You A Perfectionist?

You Are 58% Perfectionist

No one would call you a perfectionist, but you definitely have a side of you that strives to be perfect.

Try to see your mistakes as learning experiences, and don't be so hard on yourself when you screw up!

I have always consider myself a big perfectionist. Even my zodiac sign said that I really have this character. I don't really believe in horoscopes or anything but I think that it is right. I sometimes consider myself a perfectionist because I have many expectations in everything. When these expectations aren't meet, I get disappointed immediately. I don't know why but I started to have many responsibilities at an early age and being the eldest of the family, I like things to be properly done and followed. When I want something, I know how to get it and to make it right but I do know that I don't have the full control of the things that's going on in this world. That's why when I don't manage to get the one that I want or something to happen, I don't feel so good and I felt bad.

Ladies, are you a perfectionist? I'm tagging Rosemarie, Lutchi, Vienna, Janese, Jacqueline and Recel,


recel said...

hi francine? ako? na sobra! bisan kinsa sa akong palibot ang akong pagka-perfectionist ang kahadloan! lol but when i got married, i started to lessen such quality kay ako bana perti man ka open minded and considerate. so natakdan na kunohay ko gamay. gamay ra pud! lol anyways, tabi na ko diri! cge, buhaton na ko ni karon dayon. basta ikaw, kurog ko! lol i was gonna tag u sana too but seemed like u were bz w/ our out of town holiday so sa sunod nalang akong mga assignments for u! :D have a great weekend my friend!

Francine said...

thanks kaayo sis.any tags are very much welcome maski na malate usahay.i still do my best to make up the late assignments