Tuesday, 8 January 2008

Couple's Conversation

This was my conversation with my husband when we're having lunch here at home...

Hubby: My job is tiring. I'm tired

Me: Ohhh le pauvre! Do you need a secretary? I'm available and I need a job.

Hubby: (smiling). No, I don't need one right now and I can't afford to pay you (laughing)..

Me: (smiling) Don't worry, service will be free for you if you'll hire me hahaha. You want to try me? Do you need coffee sir? Type this sir? Print this sir?

Hubby: Hahaha, good practice ma petite femme....you did it really well! Bravo! (laughing)

As you can see, I like to tease my husband everytime I see him tired coming from work. His work is really tiring that's why when he arrives here at home, I just let him do and enjoy the things he likes to do and enjoy his whisky with the apperitifs instead of helping me out in preparing the dinner. But seriously, do you guys think that it will be possible for me to find a job or to work in the office???? Hmmmm

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