Wednesday, 9 January 2008

So Tired

I am so tired! I am happy that ironing is over at lasts. I started ironing our clothes from lunch until 3+ this afternoon. Would you believe that? I really move like a turtle when it comes to ironing. I rearranged hubby's closet and reironed all his longsleeves all over again. Seeing these wrinkles made me ewww and grrrrrr. Mostly of my time was spent in ironing hubby's longsleeves and shirts especially at the collar part. Hubby is very precise when it comes to his clothes and jeans. He has this specific fold that he prefers to have when it comes to his clothing and he is content when it's done that way. Because I am so tired, I just ironed my clothes like 123 and then fold it directly. I am not a big maniac when it comes to my clothes as long as there was an iron passing on my blouses, then I'm very fine and content with it already :-p.

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