Wednesday, 9 January 2008

Tout Seule à la Maison

Huhuhuhu I am alone again for lunch because hubby is in Paris today for his meeting. I wish I could come with him there but not possible because airline ticket is very expensive. Although he will be coming back home tonight, but it's sad to eat all alone here at home and I've got no one to talk to except to myself while eating. Hayyyy, life's like that :-) isn't it? People are always busy here and seems like they're always chasing with the time. Time runs so fast here as well and sometimes, do realize that my time is too short for me especially when I've got many things to do. When hubby goes in Paris, that's the time when I become the laziest the most as well. I take my shower very late, wake up very late and very lazy in preparing my meal and just enjoyed staying infont of the pc. I know that it's not good but sometimes, it's a good diet for me. I just eat fruits or a slice of bread and a ham for my lunch when I'm alone. I'm very lazy really. I am still hesitating if I'll attend my belly dance class later or not. No one will pick me up huhuhu

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lareine said...

why don’t you try taking the TGV?... the train ride is around 3 hours… yep, the trip is longer than by taking the plane… but the advantages are:

1.cost of train ticket is 40% less than that of the plane don’t have to check-in 45 minutes before departure time
3.the train goes directly to paris (no need to travel from the airport to paris)

and come to think of it, the check-in time + flight time + transport from airport to paris = around 3 hours…
so taking the TGV is more convenient…