Tuesday, 8 January 2008

Waiting For The Snow To Come.....One day!

Weather here is really unpredictable. Yesterday it was sunny and now it's cloudy. Sometimes, it's difficult for me to choose what kind of clothes, pull over, coat and shoes to wear. I spend mostly of my time changing from one clothes to another because of the weather. I am now well and I don't want to have colds or cough once again. It's tiring when I'm sick especially the schedules in taking my medicines. Beurrrk! I really hate medicines especially when it's capsules and tablets. I prefer to have syrup or an injection instead. Do I sound weird? Maybe! It's winter and I am very eager to see snow but never it happens here in Bordeaux. Every morning when I wake up, I always check our temperature outside and hoping that it will be raining with snow here. I just find it beautiful but hubby said that it's quite impossible to happen here in Bordeaux. Ah bon! On verra alors!

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