Wednesday, 9 January 2008

What Color Is My Lucky Underwear???? Ohhh laa!

Your Lucky Underwear is Green

You're a total go getter who will scrape and crawl to get to the top. And your lucky green underwear will help you get there without a struggle.

A fast learner, you enjoy a good mental challenge - whether it's getting your law degree or running a successful business.

Sometimes you push too hard to succeed, alienating friends and wearing yourself out in the process.

If you want to reach your goals while still maintaining a full life, put on your green underpants. They'll help you slow down and enjoy life.

Hahaha! This quiz is funny because it states that green is my lucky underwear. What? I don't even have one! Anyway, the description in this quiz is not bad at all. The result seems very interesting but I don't know if it's true or not. Perhaps, I'll ask hubby later if the statement here really reflects my true personality or not.

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