Tuesday, 11 September 2007

6th Year Anniversary 9/11

This evening, hubby and I were watching a film on the tv that has something to do this day. I don't know if you guys know that today, September 11, is the 6th year anniversary. If not, then, yes, it's the 6th year today. I am not going to say anything bad or to post my political views or something. While watching this film Flight 93, I was crying like a baby. It hurts seeing these people making a phone call to their families and loved ones saying that it was their last call and informing them how much they loved their families before they departed in this world. I couldn't imagine what will I be doing if I will be in such kind of situation. I respect people no matter what their views and religion is. I guess, this situation is one of the events that marked and changes the world. Others may say it turns to bad while others said that it's for good. It's just so sad knowing that hundreds of people lost their lives on that day 9/11. Innocent people like mothers, fathers, grandparents, sisters, daughters, friends, pilots and stewardess. This event is something that will always remind us especially the loved ones of these people who died. I am not going to write a long post about this topic as it is making my heart into 2. But, let's join and say a little prayer to everyone who departed during this day and that hopefully, I wish, there will be peace in this world.


haze said...

wow chef na di-ay ka ron day....hehehehe maau pa ka diha..

Francine said...

haze, thanks kaayo for the comment.chef ko bata gutumon ako bana lolz