Tuesday, 4 September 2007

Finding The Right Baby Store

A friend of mine is very happy when she knows that she’s 1 month pregnant. She and her husband would like to design their first baby’s nursery room. I can really tell that they are very happy and excited. The other day, she told me that she ordered several items already on the baby stores she found online. See how excited they are? I really found them cute and it is very normal. Everytime I imagine myself in that situation, I get excited and I always tell hubby that I’d like to have a room for my baby filled with pink things around. It sounds funny but I find it cute. I think I’ll be shopping from one baby store to another when that time comes. I hope it’s very soon. But anyway, there are many baby stores available anywhere. One of the newest stores I found is The Lila Guide. Their establishment is interesting because it’s possible to find real reviews from real moms before you purchase something on their agency. But I tell you, they’ve got very adorable products like baby carriers and diaper bags, strollers, baby slings, baby bottles, maternity clothes and many others. Their store is the perfect place especially for money conscious parents-to-be.

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