Thursday, 20 September 2007

Vin D'Honneur At The Cabane

Last saturday was our vin d'honneur at my parents-in-law's place. I wasn't that really stressed because my my parent's -in-law took good care of everything. Maman took good care in making a rendez-vous pour moi with the hairstylist and make-up artist. She was very busy too with the flowers while papa on the other hand took good care of the champagnes or drinks for the guests, the ballons, the trucs to use at the venue and many others. Both of them really did this event really magnificent. They were more stressed and busier than I do and hubby.

We left here in Bordeaux last friday evening and we arrived very late in Paris. Of course we have to wake up early the next day to have my make-up done and hair. My sister-in-law was with me to accompany me all the way. Sya taga drive ng kotse shhhhh para di ma gets lolz. Parents-in-law were very busy too while I was having my feminine affair. I was a bit nervous because all the guests were french but things went fine, smooth and everybody were having a great time. This vin d'honneur was made specially for my inlaw's friends and neighbors. Vin d'honneur and wedding day itself is separated because we want the wedding day to be more intimate between families and friends. Voila! Feels so good because we got so many checks hehehe.

Pour ma belle famille, merci beaucoup!


haze said...

oisssssssst di ko kasabot uban wordings....ikaw gyud salig kabalo naka mo mag french dah tudlo-i ko beh....dying to learn french here, lol..

Lovely photos.

You sure look gorgeous!

girlie said...

what is the affair? is that sort of despedida de soltera?

or a pre wedding celeb?