Tuesday, 18 September 2007

I Am An Avid Reader Of Elle Magazine

Is this proof enough that I am really a magazine addict and an avid reader of Elle? Well, picture above says it all. Every week, I receive this magazine and it is in french. The most interesting part is that when I am reading it, I understand it but when I am reading a book or something else...hehehehe I don't understand it or anything. Hubby said what a magic. Well, normal I can easily understand it because it is a magazine for women and even if there are words that I don't understand, but with the pictures inside or with the phrases, it gives me an idea what it is exactly. I remember from the movie Legally Blonde when Reese Whiterspoon had one of the shots and said that this kind of magazines are women's bible. Well, let's just say that I am learning new things because of it especially about the trendy things. I am not that fashionable or anything but it's good to have an idea what are in the IT list right? Because of this magazine, I am able to practice my french vocabulary as well.


marie said...

haaay, pareho tayo bili ako ng bili ng mga magazines minsan di ko na nareread kakaupo sa harap ng PC.

Francine said...

te marie, ako din paminsan minsan ganun din. didnt manage to read all the magazines.sometimes, 3 magazines antay sa akin