Monday, 24 September 2007

What A Long Boring Day Ouff!

Today is my appointment to have my formation something for the life here in France. It is just a little introduction or information informing us as aliens here like what are our rights in this country, what agency to call if you are searching for a job and etc. I wasn't that happy because of the fact that I have to wake up early. Well, it is something I'm not use of doing but I know that I need to train myself because soon, I have to wake up earlier than today for my job and it would be a whole day job. Seriously, I am not ready for it but as long as I am earning a lots of $$$$$ I'm very much willing to wake up early hehehe. Anyway, it was nice because I met new people there. But it is a little bit cold and I am very lazy in wearing pull over or anything. Lunch was served for free at the restaurant. I was able to interact mostly of my time with the japanese people in french language. So surprising coz their translator is just a neighbor of mine. Her house is just a walking distance from the residence where I live. They were nice but they were timid as well. My eyes were really heavy and if I could only placed a toothpick in between, I probably have done it but not possible. The session ended almost 5 this afternoon and I was hopping from one boutique to another when I was out of the building. Huhuhu I still have many things to do. Tonight, we have our doctor appointment for vaccine, have to cook dinner, have to do my sponsored posts and hopefully I could sleep after that one. I long to hug my pillows and hubby already huhuhuh.

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