Tuesday, 18 September 2007

Can't Find The Magazine I Am Looking For

As our wedding day is getting closer, I can say that I'm excited for it even if hubby and I were both a little bit busy. Honestly, I am not that really busy with my wedding because my parents-in-law take good care of it. I have some things on my mind like what hairstyle will I prefer to have, what additional personal decorations I'm going to add and many others. Hubby is busier than I do. Normal because he's the one working the most important things here as I don't have any knowledge nor negotiate with the french people. They'll be too unlucky if they'll be negotiating with me because I always ask for discounts. Hubby calls me MISS DISCOUNT lolz. But anyway, I've been searching for famous wedding magazines that I found in Philippines but I couldn't find it here. Grgrgrgg I've been hopping from one website to another making a lot of research too. Well, wish me luck guys and gals!


Casey's Mom said...

Good luck to you both!

Francine said...

thanks very much ;-)