Tuesday, 18 September 2007

The Make-Up Artist I had

Three weeks before my wedding in Philippines, I had my trial make-up with 2 different make-up artists. My knowledge is very limited when it comes to cosmetics. Both of the make-up artists I had were professionals. I asked both of them how they got this kind of talent and both of them have the same answer. Do you know what it is? They were trained in one of the prestigious beauty school. I remember one of them told me that she loves cosmetics and this beauty school where she enrolled helped her turn her passion into a career. And now, she’s one of the famous make-up artist in Cebu. Oh my god, she’s really good and I like the way she handles her clients. In this shop where she’s working at present, when somebody wants her to be the make-up artist or hair stylist, customers have to make their reservation in advance. Her schedule is really loaded and I can tell you, she’s very pretty too.


atsinoihsaf said...

what's the name of this makeup artist and where is her studio located? =)

ligaya said...

i am looking for a make up artist for my wedding in december. pls give me the complete name and address of your make up artist... thanks a lot and God bless you!!!

Anonymous said...

i want to know the name and contact number of your make up artist on your wedding day for my wedding in december. thanks and Godbless!!!!