Friday, 7 September 2007

I Ended Up Buying Skechers Instead Of Crocs

I've been searching for a boutique here in Bordeaux that sells crocs sandals. I've been searching it for weeks already. First, I went to Bordeaux Lac mall to check the stores there but they all tell me that they don't have any stock available and they only had several pieces displayed during summer. I was sad at first but I didn't give up. Hubby and I went to Bordeaux centre last weekend but the stores at the center only have 1 style available. Too bad. Instead of hopping for more stores again, I ended up purchasing this black thongs from Skechers. I love the light brown color but they don't have my size. The owner said I have very small size and teased me that I should look at children's store for my sizes. I don't know if I'll be happy with this comment or what. As I don't have any choice, I decided to take the black one as my other black thong here at home is very dirty and ugly. I am still searching for havaianas flip flops but difficult to find the ones I like. Perhaps, I'll do it in Philippines because cheaper and more models to choose from hehehe. I am not that really extravagant but I wanted to reward myself. Well, this thong is the only reward for myself. Syempre, have to save more. I must admit that I have a flip flop collector especially when it comes to havaianas.


girlie said...

why don't you order online?

Francine said...

te girlie, id like to order online pero im hesitating to do it kasi iba iba sizes ng paa ko depending on the style of the shoes/sandals sometimes 35 tapos sometimes 36 (european size)