Monday, 10 September 2007

Nice Matters Award

I originally got this award from Melody on my other blog (Macherie). As I have 2 blogs, I decided to post this award here too. Besides, it's the same person and it's meeeeeee! I'm seriously happy that several people that I met thru blogging found me nice or something. Thanks very much! I am just a natural girl. I am not perfect either and I also have flaws. Blogging has allow me to meet many people all over the world and I am very happy because in reality, it isn't that really easy for me to easily have friends. But it feels so good when somebody tells me that I am nice or something. Thanks very much.

I'd like to give this award also to:


rowena said...

Hi Francine, congrats on the award. I can see naman thru your posts that you're really nice. Go girl..Cheers!

Francine said...

thanks again rowena. paminsan minsan non-sense na mga post ko or natatabunan na with sponsored post pero im doing my best to post something interesting here