Friday, 28 September 2007

Hubby In Siquijor

Hubby and I love to do crazy things when together. We can be serious, funny, crazy at times and that's something I love about us. We act like kids when together. We punch eachother, tickle eachother, cuddle and many other things.

While I was still in PI and were having our vacation at Coral Cay Resort in Siquijor, I was trying to pretend that I am a journalist trying to get some suggestions or any recommendations from him, or anything that he has to say during his trip. And the result? Voila, this video hehehe. I took this video using my canon camera. I'm not that good but everytime we watch this in the computer, hubby and I are always laughing. I really found him cute especially when he says "Mabuhay".

Coral Cay Resort in Siquijor is one of the places we love. It's quite and the sunsets are very magnificent. The best sunset shots we took are from this province. We'd like to go back there again in the near future but I hope that the transportation from Cebu-Siquijor will be improving because it is a long trip huh moving from one place to another and transferring from one ferry or boat to another.

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