Monday, 3 September 2007

My Thoughtful Father

My father

Today, my father is celebrating his birthday. His age is secret hehehe. Of course I made a long distance call back at home to talk to everyone there and to greet my father good health and happiness. I am happy because everything seems to be okay at home. Although I didn't manage to give him the dream seiko watch he wanted but I am doing my best to buy it very soon. I am still saving for it. Medyo me kamahalan yung type nya kaya ipon pa rin ako ng ipon. Instead, I gave him some cash so that he could buy something he wishes to have and a little celebration at home.

My father is the strict type of a guy but never I had any regrets with the way he disciplines us at home. As an eldest child in the family, I learned to be very responsible at a very young age. He and my mother taught me and showed the real world and how to be strategic in life. I've got so many plans and dreams for my family in PI but I'm hoping to offer them these plans in the near future. We have a very simple life at home compared to my other relatives at father's side but I am very proud with my father because he raised the entire family without depending on anyone. He worked hard for him to gave us good life. I promised myself that I will be giving them good life and to do the best that I can to make them happy and to show them how thankful and blessed I am to have him as my father and as my parent.

Happy Birthday Pa! Your dream watch will be with me soon *wink*

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marie said...

happy birthday tatay!