Monday, 24 September 2007

My Nieces 4th Birthday!

My nieces (twins) hiding trying to hide themselves with their grandma (my mom) during my wedding day

Today is my nieces birthday. As usual, they are always treated like princess. A party is always there with little give-aways for the kids, balloons, cake and food of course. This is the first time they celebrated their birthday without me but I make it in a point that they’ll always remember me as their aunt. They were happy because I asked my mom to buy them new dresses and they were very happy with it. I talked to them and they were very proud to tell me that they have this and that and they have many visitors at home. Well, kids will always be kids you know. My mom on the other hand is very busy now at home especially at the kitchen preparing the foods. My family at home are not really use to of doing it because I am the one who does the food preparation when there are celebrations. And as I am far away from them now, they have to check the recipes I gave them from time to time. I am very happy that my entire family is happy. This is occasion is like a reunion also with my relatives (mother’s side) because all of them are coming to celebrate my nieces birthday.

To my nieces, happy 4th birthday! I am very proud that both of you are very smart kids. I am very happy as well that both of you show the interests in studying or in going to school. Love you my dearest angels *muah*

Sorry the picture is quite old. The pix I have here in my laptop are quite big so I don’t have any other choice but to pick this picture out as it is smaller. I mean the file is smaller.

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