Sunday, 30 September 2007

I Love Your Blog

My new friend Rosemarie gave me this "I Love Your Blog" Award. What an award! It feels good because I just met her and I didn't realize that she likes my blog even if there are times that some of my posts are non-sense at all. Thanks sis for the award!

I'd like to exted this award to my very good friends and sisters that I met online. These lovely ladies are as follows:
Stine - Mother's Home
Lucille - Cherish Yesterday, Dream Tomorrow, Live Today
Angie - The daily matters
Rowena - The sweet life
Jackie - The true essence of a princess life


Casey's Mom said...

Thanks for this award, Francine. I appreciate it. I like your blog too. You take care.

ZJ said...

'Day Francine, salamat kaayo sa imong award! Maulaw man gani ko kay wala ko ka-reply sa ubang tag nimo :D

rowena said...

Hi Francine, thanks for the award. Am really honored. Cheers!

Francine said...

hello angie gwapa. thanks kaayo na you like my blog. i llike your blog kay informative

Francine said...

zj, no probs. i understand na your life is a little bit busy there but hey, i dont expect anything from you ok? i mean you can do the tags if you want or not but the friendship i have for you wont change

Francine said...

rowena sister.oh yeah that award is from the bottom of my heart