Friday, 28 September 2007

My Friend's Family Is Complete AT Last

My very old friend Clyde sent me an email this afternoon. He’s very happy and proud to tell me that his family is complete at last. He has been dreaming for this day for many years already. Why years? Well, it’s a little bit personal. As a celebration, they went in Las Vegas for a week and had a great time there. His family loves Las Vegas very much. This time, they tried Tropicana Hotel and they love the amenities, service, entertainment, food and gaming there. Las vegas is the most famous place when it comes to casinos, poker games and slot machines you know and it’s something you shouldn’t miss if one day you’ll visit there. He told me that the casino at Tropicana Las Vegas features a very wide variety of slot machines and table games. For them, Tropicana Las Vegas is the only place that gives many casino promotions and giveaways. Sounds like they really had a great time right? On my part, I am very happy that his wish finally came true.

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