Friday, 21 September 2007

Things I Don't Like To Hear

A tag from Girlie. Thanks very much for this tag. Well, well, are the infos:

1. You’re too thin! (huh? others find me thin while others say I'm gaining weight *rolling eyes*)

2. I don't like the arrangements you did (Hire a designer then!)

3. You're staying that much infront of the computer (Go and get me another computer hehehe)

4. You stay too long at the shower (What can I do? I love to smell good)

5. You don't know how to drive the car! (That's why you have to send me at the driving school)

6. You're hard headed! (Touch your head and tell me if it's soft lolz)

7. You're lazy! (duh? try to do the things I do and let's see if I am lazy)

Those who have told the TRUTH are:
Ana à Dijon


What don’t you want to hear? Please tell me so I won’t commit a mistake of asking you.


Melody said...

hahaha! funny one! well i'll do this soon., salamat francine as always.,hehehhe. i don't know how to complain when it comes to tag!

Francine said...

hehehe melody.parha jud ta. i love tagging sad

ZJ said...

Hi Francine... asus, daghan jud ko mahuna-huna bahin ani. Pero taym pa sa kay on holiday na pod ko. Tomorrow pa mi mobalik and pramis, I will do it just in time for my Tuesday Tags :D

Girlie said...

thanks for doing this ann...

haha mukhang si hubby lahat nagsabi nyan ah, ako din halos si hubby din nagsabi sakin sa list ko