Monday, 24 September 2007

The Legend - Bob Marley

Tonight, there was this tv program of Bob Marley. Hubby loves Bob Marley very much. Believe it or not, while watching the program...the hairs on his skin are standing. Bob Marley is really the legend and the father of reggae. Honestly, I know his name but I don't know how he looks like except tonight while watching one of his concerts at the tv. I love his music and I've been listening to his hits eversince. I honestly don't have any idea how he died but this guy will always exist in people's mind and heart. Here's the video of Bob Marley in No Woman No Cry. Enjoy!!


Anonymous said...

i love his songs. lalo na ung baby i love your way and ung jamming. he's really a legend.

Francine said...

asawa ko loves him veyr much.everytime he watch or listen bob marley's songs, tumatayo balahibo nya hehehe.oa ng asawa ko no?

Bob Marley Fan said...

Bob Marley died 11.5.1981 on cancer.

I made small web page - discography of Bob Marley with several songs. He was one of the greatest singers (and philosophers) in history of music, indeed.